"Our Mission is to provide students with the best learning
experience academically and culturally."






  We have created a unique program taught by our highly
  qualified Teachers that suits every student's interest and
  At O-Mei, you can expect your child to achieve their
  highest level of skills in Math, MPM, Abacus, English,
  Chinese, Arts, Dance, Singing, Chess and Kung Fu.
Our experienced Teachers have the skills to evaluate
and assess your child's progress ensuring that they excel
not only at school, but also develop character, maintain
good moral standards, and have an appreciation for arts
and cultures, which they can thrive on later in life.
Safe and Friendly Environment
O-Mei Academy is situated in a safe and quiet neighborhood,
providing a friendly environment for your child to enjoy after
enduring a long, tiring day at school. 
You can rest assure knowing that your child is having fun
while learning, and bonding with other classmates. 
Parents are always welcome to drop-by at anytime to see the
various activities their child participates in.
We welcome you to join us at our weekend Open House from
12noon to 2pm, where you can tour our facilities and meet our
friendly staff.


          德 智 仁 勇

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