Our Summer Camp provide 10 weeks of educational and cultural experiences to enrich the lives of your children.

Dear Parents,

Our children's summer vacation is fast approaching. Why not provide them with enriching and engaging classes and activities to keep their minds and bodies invigorated?

 Flexibility through Choices - Our scheduled activities and popular classes enable your children to have fun while learning. In the morning, parents and students can choose from our captivating academic classes, which give each child a head start for the next school year. Talent Camps allow your children to explore and find passion in different potential skills and talents.

Fun-Filled Afternoon: After a nutritious and delicious lunch is time for hands-on arts and crafts. We have scheduled weekly projects for the children, such as clay models, masks, and simple electronic contraptions.  Afterwards, the children are given a light review of Chinese classics, and the rest of the afternoon is packed with unique activities, ranging from Chinese calligraphy to swimming for your children to enjoy.

Field Trip - Every Thursday is field trip day, where we take them for some extra curricular fun. Places such as the Tech Museum and Happy Hallows are a few of the exciting places we will go where your children are bound to have a blast!

By the end of each day, students will have learned something new, rewarding and memorable. 

We greatly encourage you to take a close look at our program schedule and feel free to contact for any questions. We are more than happy to answer to be of assistance.

Thank you and best regards,

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