Master Zou’s Teaching principles:

Easy to learn, Simple to understand, Scientific-based method, Patience and meticulous teaching
in a pleasant & relaxed environment.

Master Zou’s Martial Arts Achievements:

From an early age, Master Zou has begun to practice martial arts skills in Wushu, ChangQuan,
free sparring, wrestling, Qiqong, as well as various weapons.
He graduated in Martial Arts Sports from the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education in July 1993.
In that same year, he became a professional athlete and was chosen to be on the Hebei Province
of China Wushu Team.
In 1996, he won his first championship in the All-China National Wushu Competition. In his martial
arts career, Master Zou has won more than 20 Major Domestic and International Gold Titles in
Individual and All-round Sword, and TaiChi Quan.
For four consecutive years from 1998, he was selected to be on the Chinese National Team.
He represented China and was a Gold Medalist at the "12th Asian Games" (1998 in Thailand);
Taichi Quan Gold Medalist at the "5th World Wushu Championship" (1999 in Hong Kong),
Taichi Quan Gold Medalist at the "5th Asian Wushu Championship" (2000 in Hanoi, Vietnam),
and a Gold Medalist at the "3rd East Asian Games" (2001 in Osaka, Japan).
In the year 2002, by the invitation from the Singapore Sports Council, Master Zou was sent by
the Chinese State Sport Administration to conduct a series of Taichi lessons in Singapore.
He continued his teaching in Singapore until 2008. During this time, under his teaching and guidance, his
students participated in various competitions both locally and regionally. He led the team to
compete in traditional Taichi routines such as traditional Wudang, Chen, Yang, Sun and 42 Quan,
Sword competition routines, winning over 100 medals, many of them Gold.
Upon his arrival to the United States in 2009, he began to coach Team USA local Wushu Star, Alfred Hsing
who then became the first American to win a Gold Medal in the World WuShu Championship.

Introduction of Master ZouYunJian (鄒雲建) and his Masters:

Since 1989, Master Zou has started to learn and practice TaiChi, Xin Yi, Pa Kua, Pa Chi
and other Internal & External Martial Arts forms from China's famous Martial Arts
Master He Fu Sheng (何福生).
From 1992, Master Zou learned & practiced sparring and TaiChi from China National
Wushu Olympic team head coach, Master Zhao Yong (趙勇).
From 1997, Master Zou learned from MasterWang Ping Seng (王炳生).
He practiced the traditional WuDang Martial Arts such as:

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